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The second book of the Karina Whitt series is out! You can find Karina Whitt and the City of the Gods on If you click "buy it" on my website it will take you to the amazon page where you can purchase the book.

Just when Karina, a Russian-American archaeology student, decides that this supposedly exciting archaeology dig in Israel is more boring than a Monday morning pop quiz, she discovers an artifact that turns her world inside out.


The diamond-shaped relic she finds releases a genie that looks like the girl next door—but looks are deceiving. Unfortunately Jinnie, as she calls herself, doesn't grant Karina three wishes. Instead, she brings the news that Karina is the only one who can aid Jinnie in a life-and-death mission to save an entire civilization.


Suddenly Karina finds herself plummeting into a strange and perilous world called Jinetha. She joins forces with Jinnie to battle over control of an ancient energy source known as The Eye Of Divinity. On top of everything else, she learns that two mysterious guys from her archaeological dig are involved in this otherworldly mess. But can she trust either of them? Kalim, the local heartthrob who makes her knees weak, seems too good to be true. And she can tell that Lee, the Mossad operative, is hiding something.


Before she knows it, Karina is in way over her head. She’s not made of hero material. How can she possibly come through? But she has to at least try. She wouldn't be able to live with herself if she didn't. And the Jinetheans wouldn't be able to live at all.

Karina Whitt – an archaeologist by choice, a heroine by chance.

Deciding to give archaeology another shot, Karina travels to an ancient city in Mexico, Teotihuacan, a.k.a. The City of the Gods. Little does she know, Dimitry and Lee, her colleagues from Israel and now agents of Mossad, are waiting for her arrival. Being a language expert, she is one of the only people who can help them solve an archaic mystery involving a bioweapon known as the Sphere of Sacrifice. A bioweapon that is rumored to be buried in Teotihuacan. The same one that Esteban, a local criminal and weapons dealer, has promised to sell to a terrorist organization. 

Once again, Karina finds herself plummeting headfirst into the chaos of otherworldly events, prophecies, magical objects, and primordial gods. This time, however, she has the help of a local shaman. A man whose information about the dangerous artifact connects Karina to the historical legacy that set this entire riddle in motion. Should she believe him? His information is far from what Karina wants to hear, but it’s what she needs to hear. For the only way she can stop Esteban, destroy the Sphere of Sacrifice, and save countless of lives is if she understands her own destiny and is willing to live it.

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